Wedding Contract

    Thank you for the honor of including Love’s Hair & Spa in your wedding.
    Please fill out this form to help us make your appointment.

    In next section please specify: Hair/Makeup

    Preferences for Stylists
    Indicate by writing Girl's Name / Stylist's Name.
    Example: Jane Doe/Christine

    In Preparation for your wedding, we ask that you please take the following steps:

    1. Sometime prior to your wedding day have a practice style with your desired hairstylist. Bring your head piece and veil, a camera or smartphone. We like you to
      see your style in pictures and this also helps your stylist remember details of your hairstyle. This is also a good day to try on your dress for the full effect.

    2. One month prior to your day double check that all the appointment details are correct, and make a deposit to our salon of $10.00 per person in your wedding party.
      (However, any appointment not canceled within 48 hours of the appointment must pay full amount of salon service).

    3. 1 Week prior please call the salon to triple check your appointment details, and remind your wedding party of their times, location of salon, etc. We want plenty of time to give you our full Salon/Spa experience. We reserve the right to decline appointments that are more than 15 minutes late.

    4. Although we do not provide refreshments, we do invite you to bring food, snacks, and refreshments of any type. We will show you good areas to display food etc. for
      your party.

    5. On your wedding day, please come in with an easy to change shirt; such as a button up shirt. Come in with your hair clean and dry, as we can add product should we need.

    Please consult our website, our staff, or our albums for pricing, information and inspiration. We kindly ask for you to be early on the day of your appointment, this allows you time to visit, set up food etc. Each wedding deposit will be refunded in full as long there is at least a 48 hour notice for cancellation.